What are your options?

Are you starting a new job? Then you may transfer the pension that you have accrued elsewhere to your new pension fund. Or the pension that you have accrued at our pension fund to your new pension fund. This is called value transfer.

Do you want to compare our pension scheme with another pension scheme? You can do so by using the pension comparison 'Pensioenvergelijker' (only available in Dutch) in layer 3.

You may convert your pension. For example, you can convert a part of your retirement pension for additional partner’s pension. Or you can convert the partner’s pension or a part of this for additional retirement income. You will make the choices upon your retirement.

Do you wish to retire earlier than at age 68? You may retire from age 55. And not later than age 70. You may need to consult your employer first. Please note that these choices will have consequences for your financial situation. You can request an offer from us 6 months before you want to retire.

Do you wish to start with a higher pension and receive a lower pension later? You may make that choice upon your retirement.

If you want more information about choices, go to What are your options?