Pensioen 123 laag 2 Engels

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This information is only relevant when you receive a Pension Statement. We explain some of the concepts:

Pensioenuitvoerder: pension administrator
The pension fund where you accrue or have accrued a pension.

Soort pensioenregeling: type of pension scheme
You accrue a fixed pension.

Pensioengevend salaris: pensionable salary
You accrue pension over the pensionable base, that is the pensionable salary minus the offset. The elements of the pensionable salary are listed in the pension scheme regulations.

Franchise: the offset
The offset is the part of your salary over which you do not accrue pension. You or your employer also do not have to pay contribution over this part of your salary. Normally, the state pension (AOW) provides some of the retirement income, therefore this is not required.

Pensioengrondslag: pensionable base
The pensionable base is the part of your salary over which you accrue pension at your current pension fund.

Opbouwpercentage: accrual percentage
Every year, you accrue a part of your pension. This is the accrual percentage multiplied with the pensionable base of in that year.