Retire earlier or later

With our pension fund, your standard retirement date is 68. But you can also retire earlier or later. The choice you make in this regard will of course have consequences. If you log into your own environment at My Pension you will see what this means for your pension.

You retire early
  • You can retire with us from age 55.
  • Approximately 6 months before your state pension date, you will receive more information from us. In it, we clearly explain how you can apply for your pension.
  • Are you retiring more than 10 years before the state pension age? If so, you must sign a declaration stating that you will stop working altogether. And that you do not intend to start working again either.
You will retire later
  • You can have your pension start no later than age 70.
  • Do you stop working? Then your pension will start immediately.


This is how you arrange it
  • Make clear agreements with your employer in advance.
  • Would you like to retire on a date other than your 68th birthday? Please contact us at least 6 months before your desired retirement date.