The pension fund is managed by the Board. The Board is responsible for managing the pension fund and the administration of the pension plan, including the payment of pension benefits.

The pension fund Board has 6 members. Half of the board members are appointed by the executive management, 2 members are elected by the participants from the (former) participants and 1 member is elected by the pension beneficiaries. The members appointed by the executive management have a seat on the Board for an indefinite period of time. Their board membership may be terminated by the employer at any time. The elected members of the board on behalf of the participants and pension beneficiaries resign after 3 years. However, a resigning board member may immediately stand for reelection.

The Board as of 15 February 2019

Members appointed by the employer Members on behalf of the participants Members on behalf of the pension beneficiaries
H.N. van Gijn (chairman) F.W.M. Steeman (secretary) J. van Klaveren
E. Voskuilen E. Megchelse  
J. Splinter