You are retired and are divorcing or separating. What do you have to arrange in relation to your pension benefit?

You were married or were in a registered partnership
Divorce or separation can affect your pension.

  • Were you already married or in a registered partnership before you retired?
    In that case, the law states that your former partner is entitled to half of your retirement pension that was accrued from the date of the marriage up until the divorce or separation. This is called equalisation of pension. You and your former partner can also make alternative arrangements. These arrangements must be recorded in your prenuptial agreement, partnership terms or divorce agreement. Conversion is a special way of dividing the pension. Conversion is only possible with the permission of our pension fund. Read more about Divorce.
  • Did you marry or become a registered partner after you retired?
    Divorce or separation will not affect your pension benefit.

You were living together
Your pension benefit won't change.

  • Were you already cohabiting before you retired?
    If you die, your former partner is entitled to a special partner's pension. This is subject to certain conditions, however. You and your former partner may also have made other arrangements.
  • Were you not yet cohabiting before your retirement date?
    The partner’s pension does not apply if you started living together after your pension commencement date. In this case, your former partner will not be entitled to a (special) partner’s pension after you die.

Your AOW benefit
If both of you receive a state pension (AOW), the amount of this benefit may change. For more information, please refer to the website of the Social Insurance Bank SVB.nl.