When you die, your partner and/or children may receive a benefit payment from the pension fund.

  • Your partner receives a partner's pension.
  • Your children will be entitled to an orphan's pension.
  • Your former partner (if you have one) is lawfully entitled to (a part of) the partner's pension. Specifically, all the partner's pension that you accrued until your divorce or separation and that has not been allocated to another (former) partner. This is called special partner's pension. This may be different if you and your former partner have made other arrangements regarding the special partner's pension.

What else do you need to know?
The amount of the partner’s and orphan’s pension depends on your situation at the time of your death. All the amounts appear on your annual pension overview (UPO).

What do your surviving dependants need to do?
We will contact your surviving dependants in the event of your death. We can only do that if we have your recent details. Do you live abroad? Then always report any changes! You can send us an email or you can call us.