Investment policy

The pension fund receives pension contributions in order to pay pensions in the future. To be able to meet these obligations in the long term, the pension fund invests the pension contributions in shares, bonds and other forms of investment that generate returns.

Determining the investment policy
The Board of the pension fund determines the investment policy. In doing so, it takes into account regulations, general principles and the financial position of the pension fund, among other things. Each year the pension fund evaluates the investment guidelines and, if necessary, adjusts the policy. In the statement of investment principles (pdf) (in Dutch) you will find more information about the pension fund's investment policy.

ESG Policy
In the investment policy, the board takes into account environmental, social and governance criteria. You can read more about this in the ESG Policy, or Responsible Investment policy (pdf) (in Dutch).

As of March 10, 2021, pension funds have to comply with a new European regulation with information obligations on sustainable investments. For more information, read this document about SFDR (pdf).

The pension fund wants to be transparent about the investment policy and the results of this policy. The annual report (in Dutch) of the pension fund provides you with detailed information on the results of the investment policy. The pension fund has also signed the International Responsible Investing (IMVB) covenant for pension funds. You can read  more about the progress of implementation of the covenant requirements in 2020  in our IMVB annual report (pdf) (in Dutch).

Implementation of investment policy
The pension fund's investment policy is implemented by several asset managers. For more information, please refer to in the most recent annual report (in Dutch) of the fund.

Statement of investment principles
The Board of the Avery Dennison Pension Fund has laid down the contents of the statement of investment principles (in Dutch). The issuing of this statement is mandatory for pension funds in compliance with the European Pension Fund Directive. In this way, the pension fund is held accountable for its investment policy by employees, former employees and pension beneficiaries.